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Go Hasegawa
Go Hasegawa and Associates
Speaker Bio
Based in Tokyo Hasegawa established Go Hasegawa and Associates in 2005. After graduating with a master's of engineering from Tokyo Institute of Technology in 2002 he worked at Taira Nishizawa Architects for three years prior to beginning his own firm. He Received a PhD in engineering from Tokyo Institute of Technology in 2014 and has been a visiting professor at the Academy of Architecture of Mendrisio, Oslo School of Architecture and Design, University of California in Los Angeles and Harvard University Graduate School of Design. Hasegawa has received numerous awards and published works such as “Go Hasegawa Works” (TOTO Publishing, 2012), “Go Hasegawa Conversations with European Architects” (LIXIL Publishing, 2015), “a+u 556: Go Hasegawa” (A+U Publishing, 2017), and “El Croquis 191: Go Hasegawa” (El Croquis, 2017).
Go Hasegawa