9 Ways to Make Housing for People (1 LU | HSW)

Developed and proven over four decades of multifamily housing design, the “9 Ways” are design principles that provide a thoughtful framework for making better housing. Flexible and human-centric, these community-oriented strategies work together to elevate a building, improve wellness and stability, and support social bonds. With extensive examples from the firm’s housing portfolio, Principals David Baker, FAIA, Daniel Simons, FAIA, and Amanda Loper, AIA, LEED AP, will illustrate these accessible and straightforward strategies, which range from the large-scale “Reweave the Urban Fabric” to the intimate “Get Personal.” These strategies address opportunities available to housing at all scales and across all regions, and result in buildings that increase the quality of living for residents and neighbors alike. 

The 9 Ways framework is explored in the new book 9 Ways to Make Housing for People [ORO Editions 2022], which will be available in the MDC bookshop.

Presented by David Baker Architects

Friday, October 28, 2022
10:15 AM - 11:15 AM (PDT)