Full Name
Ronald Nelson
Job Title
Co-Founder and Managing Partner
Vizabli, Inc.
Speaker Bio
Ron Nelson is a Co-Founder and Managing Partner for Vizabli, Inc., a healthcare technology company at the forefront of revolutionizing the hospital room experience. As a Healthcare business leader, Ron is dedicated to understanding and addressing the challenges faced by clinicians, patients, and their families throughout the continuum of care. He actively utilizes formal and informal forums to gain valuable insights into the aspirations of all stakeholders.

At Vizabli, Ron's primary focus is connecting the needs of clinicians, patients, and their families to developing a strategy for "the hospital room of the future." He envisions a healthcare environment that not only meets the clinical needs of patients but also provides a sense of comfort, safety, and connectedness. By aligning strategic initiatives with this vision, Ron aims to create positive and transformative experiences for all individuals involved in the healthcare process.

Ron's responsibilities extend to the "go-to-market" blueprint for Vizabli, Inc., where he leverages a network of industry experts to translate strategy into tangible outcomes for healthcare systems. This involves tackling some of the industry's most pressing challenges, including staff shortages, consistent clinical approaches, and in-room safety measures. With a diverse background in company strategy, financial management, capital raises, mergers and acquisitions, and other critical business processes, Ron brings a well-rounded skill set to guide Vizabli's growth and impact in the healthcare sector.

Ron Nelson earned an Executive Master of Business Administration from Case Western University's Weatherhead School of Management. His academic foundation and extensive professional experience equip him with the necessary expertise to navigate the complex intersection of business and healthcare.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Ron is deeply committed to helping others through philanthropic ventures that support disadvantaged youth. He believes in the power of education and mentorship to transform lives and provide opportunities for those facing challenges.
Ronald Nelson